When We Can Help

Providing Insight to Entrepreneurs from Startups to Grownups

Do the following situations sound familiar?

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, marketing strategist or C-level executive?  If so, they probably do.

* Looking for funding for your start-up.

* Wondering if you can expand your current business into new market segments.

* Writing a business plan and need research to validate assumptions or create your go-to-market strategy.

* Wanting to fully understand your competition, how they sell, market and distribute.

* Refreshing your marketing plan and need accurate and timely information.

* Applying for an SBIR or other government grant and need research on commercialization.

* Pitching a new client and need to go in “armed with information” on their business and industry.

Did you know…85% of companies in the top 100 of Fortune 500 companies have information centers or libraries.”
If you’re not lucky enough to have in-house researchers, our Research Services may be just what you need to move you to the next step.

Bancroft Information Services also offers additional information services to many of the same audiences and clients.