What Clients Say…

Clients may have different reasons for saying positive things about our work – “in-depth research”, “authoritative sources”, “professional” “prompt” , “ethical” and more, but regardless of the specifics, Jan’s professional service and reputation is important to her and to those working with her.

Here are a few words from some clients:

We were fortunate to have met you and we are grateful for your terrific contributions to the department.
…Department Head, Clinical Department, University of Arizona

Jan is a true professional who has provided value to every project we have worked together on. I’ve worked with her several times in the past, expect to continuing doing so in the future, and never hesitate to recommend her to my colleagues and clients.”
….Richard Hasenpflug, Principal Consultant, Cayenne Consulting

Jan has provided in-depth, usable, well-researched data on every assignment I’ve given her. Her reports are replete with footnotes, explanations of how and from whom the data was obtained, and websites that are helptul in developing specific “themes” and research strings. Another plus in using Jan is the “bennies” that follow. She is ever watchful to send me other materials she comes across in her work that she thinks may be of use. In every sense of the word, Jan Knight and her company is the answer to an entrepreneur’s prayer: sound, useful marketing research and very reasonable costs.
…President, Language Software Company

Jan Knight is a personable and intelligent researcher with access to a number of specialized databases and an impressive number of business friends and associates. We have worked together on several projects and I highly recommend Jan for her perception, diligence, and quality of work. Jan is diligent in bringing people together who may be of help to each other or who may have shared business interests. Jan recently introduced me to a colleague who was in high tech and now (a couple of months later) we are working together on research grants. Jan Knight is an amazing and insightful woman who helps make things happen.
…Herman Dreier, Business Consultant/CFO

We’re a start-up company in the wine-saving accessory business, where the competitors are not publicly traded and proprietary information is deeply secret. For our business plan, for bank lines of credit and for potential investors, we needed to tell the state of the industry, the situation with competitors, the prospects for growth;, their volume of sales, their acquisition pricing, other buried secrets. We turned to Jan Knight for the answers, for information that is simply not available. Using her recondite, imaginative pathways to information, within less than a month she had rooted out the information we needed, with citations to journals, press interviews, and quotes from the careless, boastful preening of some wine-drinking executives of our competitors. Jan Knight’s services are prompt, accurate, not pricey, and simply amazing. And it’s all ethical. No hacking in. Nothing unethical or illegal. Just good hard detective work. Good hard Marketing Research. Worth far more than it costs. We’ll use Jan again. We always will, when we need something and we’re stumped.
…Robert Q. Hoyt, Managing Member, Jeroboam Industries, LLC

Jan Knight’s research certainly served as the foundation for our new company. We appreciated her commitment to the project and her professionalism throughout the process.
…Owners, Fresh Product Marketing and Distribution Company

While I have seen Jan’s work as an employee, I have also continued to use her services in the years after her work at my agency. Her personal and professional integrity is extraordinary. She is also hyper concerned about gathering really useful data for her clients. In addition to her ability to ferret out standard kinds of data, she also approaches her work with a true understanding of both marketing and communications which allows a much broader approach to getting useful information. I unhesitatingly recommend Jan as a resource with one exception – she does not tell jokes well. In spite of that, her performance will make you smile. If you would like to have me elaborate, please contact me. I can go on for hours.
…Jeff Nordensson, President, Nordensson Lynn Advertising

I have worked with Jan Knight over many years and on several different projects and proposals. Jan is very creative in her approach to a research problem. She is organized in her thinking and disciplined in her investigation of a topic. She is knowledgeable in secondary research and knows the best sources of the information that is desired. I can highly recommend her services.
…Frank Hamilton, President, Decision Support Market Research

Jan Knight is an essential part of my “team.” She is a professional in every sense of the word — someone who has access to the necessary resources and can always put her finger on the critical information and data I need for my marketing plans.
…Marketing Strategist/Consultant to Technology Companies

I’ve worked with Jan on several projects and am pleased with the clarity and depth of information she produced for me, not to mention her response time. Jan is able to access resources that I am unaware of and presents information in an easy to understand, executive format. Her findings are supported with detail and specific sources, complete with web addresses so I can drill deeper if my curiosity is piqued.
…Owner, Sales Consulting Services