Bancroft Information Services is primarily a market research company but over the years has also established a positive reputation for offering other “information related” services.

Market Research

Business and Market Research is the core of our business and more in-depth information on the types of research we typically undertake, our client base and how what we can find will be valuable to you is listed.

Research projects are mostly customized to the need of the client, however, commonly requested research often helps start-ups, entrepreneurs and established companies to add robust information to their marketing plans, business plans and business development activities.


Additional Information Services

Websites: Information Architecture & Usability

In addition to research, Jan brings her skills in information organization to the world of web design and usability.  Jan’s training in Web Site Usability and Testing allows her to provide Usability Consulting on a Shoesting, a short turnaround qualitative review of a website. to assess whether end users are likely to find what they need to find, and achieve the tasks they need to achieve, the first time they visit your site.


Speaking & Writing

Talking and writing about market research can sometimes be as enjoyable as actually performing the research. In addition editing and proofing of business plans and government grants has become a valuable service offered to clients directly or through collaborative relationships.