Past Musings On Info Related “Stuff”

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Here are some earlier Blog contributions for VIP LiveWire from FreePint, a UK based Information Publisher.
Topics range from what the CIO of the San Francisco Giants Baseball team did to how the Freemium business model was created by the manufacturer of razor blades.


Industry Consolidations May Provide Opportunities April, 2012

Content & Technology. A Profound Difference? April, 2012

It Really IS Who You Know. A New Era of Market Research? March, 2012

Where Did I See That Photo? Try Gale or Factiva March, 2012

Innovation: Light Bulb or Due Diligence? March, 2012

Seven Sins: Making Information Fun & Meaningful February, 2012

Freemium: from Razor Blades to Info Vendors January, 2012

Social Media for Scientific Collaboration January, 2012

Augmented Reality: Trends for 2012 December, 2011

Read the Paper. Snap. Share. It’s Digital!  November, 2011

Boost Sales Without People Being Trampled! November, 2011

Start-Ups “Make Sense” of Social Media Firehose November, 2011

Market Research: Just Ask! September, 2011

Smart Jeans? It’s Just the Internet of Things September, 2011

Need Funding? Blog Strategically! September, 2011

Streamline Your Social Media Posting with SMMS August, 2011

Password be Gone? August, 2011

FIND: Books, DVD’s Magazines, People? August, 2011

Get Ready for Start-ups: 54 Hours or Two Years? July, 2011

Acquisition by IHS, A Seismic Shift? July, 2011

Foodzy: Recipe for Success? July, 2011

To Connect or Disconnect? That is the Question June 30, 2011

Curiosity and the Questions of Life June, 2011

The Cloud: It Still Needs Explanation May, 2011

Group Messaging: Are You In or Out? May, 2011

Text Message Marketing: Inform & Sell with Courtesy May, 2011

B2B Online Daily Deals: You’re Selling What? April, 2011

Brand Journalism in Real Time: a Powerful Tool April, 2011

Facebook Share Info: Theirs Not Yours! April, 2011

ZoomInfo’s Privacy Stance: Good for the Economy? March, 2011

Could Business be Forced to Forget? March, 2011

The “App Gap” in the News March, 2011

Status Trends: Planes, Bikes, Coffins? February, 2011

Anticipating and/or Creating the Buzz? February, 2011

Room For Change for IT Workers February, 2011

BI Tool Simplifies Brewery Business January, 2011

Content Farms: Fertile Ground for Controversy January, 2011

Not Politics as Usual: Going Digital January, 2011

Does Google Have a Deal for Us? Yes! January, 2011

Marketing: To Tweet or Friend? December, 2010

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Business Can Learn December, 2010

Entrepreneurs Website: Resources in Context December, 2010

Info Providers: Opportunities in Green November, 2010

SF Giants CIO Focuses on Tech Innovation November, 2010