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Marketing & Communications

Really savvy people involved in marketing, communications, advertising, PR and related industries are aware that market research can help to develop campaigns and materials with a strong strategic focus. It can make sure that the larger business development and marketing goals are more likely to be met by matching the different messages with the right audience. We can help provide you with information to think strategically about your market segments and your message.


Sample Projects

* An Advertising/Public Relations Agency wanted to provide their banking client with an analysis of the potential market drivers and customer perspectives for a potential new service.

* A niche Real Estate Developer needed data on competitors’ marketing strategies, demographics for their particular type of development and general data on real estate trends and markets.

*A marketing strategist working with a software company required research on the restaurant industry including an analysis of the general market segmentation, trends, key competitors, statistics and marketing strategies.

*A training and coaching company needed help to build a list of qualified leads for their services. Research was performed to locate companies whose executive management teams fit specific criteria.

*An author needed to locate historical data and material for a non-fiction academic publication. Research required locating archival records and additional primary source locations using the Internet, online databases, e-mail and library related materials.

*A sales consultant needed “factoids” to enhance her presentations to clients. Reputable statistics and findings were researched to support her teachings.

Sample projects and testimonials from other industries:

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Healthcare & Medical
Technology & Computing

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What Clients Say…

While I have seen Jan’s work as an employee, I have also continued to use her services in the years after her work at my agency. Her personal and professional integrity is extraordinary. She is also hyper concerned about gathering really useful data for her clients. In addition to her ability to ferret out standard kinds of data, she also approaches her work with a true understanding of both marketing and communications which allows a much broader approach to getting useful information.

I unhesitatingly recommend Jan as a resource with one exception – she does not tell jokes well. In spite of that, her performance will make you smile. If you would like to have me elaborate, please contact me. I can go on for hours.”
…Jeff Nordensson, President, The Nordensson Group

“Jan Knight is an essential part of my “team.” She is a professional in every sense of the word — someone who has access to the necessary resources and can always put her finger on the critical information and data I need for my marketing plans.”
…Marketing Strategist/Consultant to Technology Companies.

 “I’ve worked with Jan on several projects and am pleased with the clarity and depth of information she produced for me, not to mention her response time. Jan is able to access resources that I am unaware of and presents information in an easy to understand, executive format. Her findings are supported with detail and specific sources, complete with web addresses so I can drill deeper if my curiosity is piqued.
…Owner, Sales Consulting Services