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Information Technology & ComputingWhat’s the next big thing in IT? Many companies would love to know if what’s big now will continue – Cloud, Mobile, Social Networking, Big Data? The market research companies and analysts who follow this industry may or may not always be right, but they probably offer a better chance than our intuition will.


Sample Projects


* A software company with diverse markets required information on the distribution channels, marketing strategies and growth plans of competing firms.

* An electronic health records software company commissioned market and industry research for a new niche market.

* A telecommunications company required research services to identify industry trends, market share, key players.

* A new start-up technology company required market and competitive data for the Self-Serve Kiosk industry.

* A healthcare strategist required competitive profiling on 7 vendors of Compliance Software. Factors included identification of product details, differentiation, collaborative partnerships, value proposition, all presented in a matrix and PPT format.


What Clients Say…

“Jan has provided in-depth, usable, well-researched data on every assignment I’ve given her. Her reports are replete with footnotes, explanations of how and from whom the data was obtained, and websites that are helpful in developing specific “themes” and research strings. Another plus in using Jan is the “bennies” that follow. She is ever watchful to send me other materials she comes across in her work that she thinks may be of use. In every sense of the word, Jan Knight and her company is the answer to an entrepreneur’s prayer: sound, useful marketing research and very reasonable costs.”
…President, Language Software Company

Sample projects and testimonials from a number of key industries:

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