Healthcare & Medical

From Electronic Medical Records to medical tourism

Healthcare & Medical

U.S. health care expenditures continue to rise and are expected to soar to $5.55 trillion in 2025. This statistic from Plunkett Research is certainly very useful for identifying the scope of a problem we are all somewhat familiar with. However, if you’re an entrepreneur with a service that will help these funds to be spent more efficiently, or you produce a product that will save lives, then you need additional validation and Bancroft Information Services can help.

 Sample Projects

* A healthcare company, working in conjunction with a business consultant, required research on the Medical Tourism industry with a focus on patients coming from the UK, Germany and Canada.

* A medical device company wanted to understand the market for a new cardiac rehab device. It was necessary to look at multiple competitive products and their market share to unearth an estimate of the potential market.

* A healthcare strategist required competitive profiling on 7 vendors of Compliance Software. Factors included identification of product details, differentiation, collaborative partnerships, value proposition, all presented in matrix and PPT format.

* An electronic health records software company commissioned market and industry research for a new niche market.

* A publisher was planning to launch a niche health care related publication to a small segment of the health care market. Research was performed to determine the current market for such a niche periodical including information on current competing products and buying habits of the potential audience.


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