From medical devices to diagnostics

BiotechnologyThe Biotech industry was forecast to reach $108.9 billion over the five years to 2018. It continues to grow especially in med tech.

While a brief snippet of data like this is often something you may well know, our sources allow us to dig more deeply into market and industry data to provide crucial specifics.

Sample Projects

 * A new medical device manufacturer was interested in determining the product history for a competing product along with high level market data information.

* A drug development start-up needed competitive information on similar drugs that had been developed and their routes to commercialization.

* A medical device company required market data on various new potential markets in order to identify which segments should be approached initially.

* A medical diagnostic company was looking for market size data for their new venture before they delved farther into additional markets.

What Clients Say….

“Thank you for your diligent efforts on our recent project. One of these days I’ll have one that isn’t such a challenge. I think this gives us a pretty good idea for now as to what the numbers are, to the accuracy needed at this point.”
...Partner of a medical device start-up

Sample projects and testimonials from other industries:

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