Past Musings On Info Related “Stuff”

Here are some earlier Blog contributions for VIP LiveWire from FreePint, a UK based Information Publisher. Topics range from what the CIO of the San Francisco Giants Baseball team did to how the Freemium business model was created by the manufacturer of razor blades.   Industry Consolidations May Provide Opportunities April, 2012 Content & Technology. A Profound Difference? April,...

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Thoughts on Innovation

I recently wrote a Blog entry for VIPLive magazine – Innovation: Light Bulb or Due Diligence¬† – in which I discussed the premise posed by others that Innovation, not only has to be present in the form of creative people and ideas, but that it also has to be planned for. I wonder if true innovators are only successful when they’re partnered, or surrounded by, those who can...

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Bancroft Launches New Website

May 2012. I figure that it’s good to get a new website every 10 years or so! Truth is, for the 11 years I’ve been in business I’ve had one website — one I created myself knowing just enough Dreamweaver to be dangerous. The content did what it needed to do, at least I’ve been told by clients and colleagues that they were easily able to find out how our services could...

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