And that’s not all …

From tomatoes & wine to doggies & desserts

While Bancroft Information Services chooses to market itself more aggressively to certain market segments, we’ve also spent time over the years working for clients involved in a number of diverse industries such as:

Banking, Finance  &  Consulting – Salary searches, HR software, aviation & aerospace consulting services, executive & life coaching
Education – Nursing program education, leadership training, Academic Program Review data gathering and report writing
Manufacturing – road barricades, safety equipment, RV manufacturing
Publishing – Niche health publication, study of empathy in the workplace, historical information
Retail – Wine accessories, piano store, pool table manufacturer, dessert store, doggie day care, medical marijuana,  ink cartridges,  tomato importing, marketing and distribution

What Clients Say…

“Jan Knight’s research certainly served as the foundation for our new company. We appreciated her commitment to the project and her professionalism throughout the process.”
…Owners, Fresh Product Marketing and Distribution Company

“Jan Knight has supported the Arizona Center for Innovation since it began in 2003. She has provided market research support for several of our Start-up companies as they work on their business plans. This information is key in helping them to determine the market size, which market to target, and the overall commercial feasibility of their venture.”
…Marie Wesselhoft, Executive Director, Arizona Center for Innovation (AZCI)

“We’re a start-up company in the wine-saving accessory business, where the competitors are not publicly traded and proprietary information is deeply secret. For our business plan, for bank lines of credit and for potential investors, we needed to tell the state of the industry, the situation with competitors, the prospects for growth; their volume of sales, their acquisition pricing, other buried secrets. We turned to Jan Knight for the answers, for information that is simply not available. Using her recondite, imaginative pathways to information, within less than a month she had rooted out the information we needed, with citations to journals, press interviews, and quotes from the careless, boastful preening of some wine-drinking executives of our competitors.

Jan Knight’s services are prompt, accurate, not pricey, and simply amazing. And it’s all ethical. No hacking in. Nothing unethical or illegal. Just good hard detective work. Good hard Marketing Research. Worth far more than it costs. We’ll use Jan again. We always will, when we need something and we’re stumped.”
…Robert Q. Hoyt, Managing Member, Jeroboam Industries, LLC

Sample projects and testimonials from other industries:

CleanTech & Environment
Healthcare & Medical
Marketing & Communication
Technology & Computing