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Jan Knight, Founder
Principal Researcher & Writer

I strongly believe that successful business revolves around building solid relationships – both personal as well as professional. People do business with people they like (if they have the choice). It’s  important to me to get to try and know the people I work with so I’d like to share a few things about myself.

From the Beach to the Desert
Arizona may seem like an unlikely place to live for someone from England, but all Brits feel the urge to chase the sun!  I was born and raised in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England. While beautiful with the sea on one side and the countryside on the other, it was indeed colder, damper and much grayer than Arizona.

M.A. in Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona
B.A. in Renaissance/Humanities Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Bancroft Information Services – One-Page Profile (PDF)

Former “lives”
I was involved in other careers before turning to research and have enjoyed spending time on both sides of the client/vendor relationship.
I spent some fun years at two different Advertising and Marketing Agencies here in Arizona and worked in a variety of positions. That time was invaluable to learning just how things get done in agencies.
This was followed by a fairly long stint as a Purchasing/Manufacturing Manager at an Educational Publisher which enabled me to learn all about book printing and inventory.
For a few years I had a role in a Web Development Team at the University of Arizona where I performed Usability Testing and consulted on the Information Architecture of websites in addition to being the client/team liaison. I was often the interpreter between the team and the client.

The Company
I started Bancroft Information Services in 2001. Not only do I enjoy the research, analysis and writing, but it has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with many bright and interesting people I may never had met otherwise.  I especially love meeting innovators and working with start-ups and entrepreneurs who have a passion for their new ventures.

Personal Snippets
Sports – I will confess to being a big San Francisco 49er fan and have been known to cite Jerry Rice, the best Wide Receiver of all time, as a role model. Watching and playing golf are also part of my life that provides a break from work.

Activities – I’m involved in the practice of both Tai Chi and Chi Gong and have found great mental and physical health benefits come from both.

Music – Favorites pieces of music are Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings,  Eric Clapton’s Layla, the Rolling Stone’s Brown Sugar and almost anything written by Mozart.

Bizarre talent – I’m told I can “spot a typo” at 20 yards – an odd hobby, but fun and occasionally people send you roses as a thank you.  Ask me about it!

Drop me a note if you have questions about how Bancroft Information Services can help your business, whether it be in research or other information related services.